The 6-petal diet: a detailed menu for each day, reviews

Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson came up with the petal diet, with which it is easy to lose 5 kg in a week. The system is built on a separate power supply. The human digestive tract is more than 20 meters long and functions as a single mechanism. Separate sections for the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, proteins are not provided in it. Therefore, all food is digested together, which creates an environment of conflict. For this reason, the absorption of nutrients slows down, and the fermentation process begins.

6 petal diet food

If pepsin is required for the breakdown of proteins, the activity of which is manifested only in an acidic environment, then alkaline enzymes are needed for carbohydrates. Due to self-ignorance, problems of a digestive nature arise. And kilograms of hatred appeared, behind which was hidden the ideal silhouette. The "6 petals" diet provides a frugal regimen and correctly selected products, which allows us to say:

  1. Relieves stress from the digestive tract.
  2. About fast digestion of food.
  3. On the efficient operation of the excretory system.

Slimming with pleasure

According to reviews, the "6 petals" diet is an alternating daily mono diet. This means that every day you need to eat one type of product. Convenient weight loss scheme:

  • reduce discomfort;
  • does not stress the body;
  • does not force you to count calories and measure the volume of food on the plate.


  1. In the 6-petal diet, day inconsistency is excluded. The system is built on the principle of complementarity.
  2. It is worth evaluating the creativity of the author and turning the six-petal diet into a game by drawing a torn calendar for a week in the form of a seven-flowered flower. Having torn off the last fragment, you can congratulate yourself on the victory and take care of the new wardrobe. Reviews and results of the 6 petal diet are only positive.

The drinking regimen in the "six petals" diet menu for every day is regulated by tea, water, morning coffee without a hint of sugar. The habit of drinking water on an empty stomach should become chronic. The liquid clears mucus that has accumulated overnight and prepares the digestive tract to work. The digestive process is accelerated, which has a positive effect on immunity. You can add a few drops of lemon juice, which increases the blood. The "wrong" foods acidify it, and this fact causes a number of serious illnesses. According to the six-petal diet, breakfast should start within 20 minutes.

Menu for every day: the "six petals" diet

Monday. fish day

Suitable for all types of fish and seafood. Aromatic herbs and spices will add flavor. Salt is excluded during the week. Fatty salmon is best eaten before exercise. You should drink plenty of water, as a large amount of protein complicates the work of the kidneys. The six-petal diet menu for every day can be supplemented with interesting recipes.

  1. Fish in the oven. The carcass must be rubbed with spices and placed in the room at 180 degrees. Pieces can be wrapped in foil. After 25 minutes breakfast-lunch-dinner is ready. It remains to remove oily skin and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  2. Roll the pollock fillet, and add dill, parsley, spices. Roll the homogeneous mass into a ball and bring to a boil. For variety, you can bake.
  3. The reviews and results of the 6-petal diet and steamed chum salmon are the most flattering. Place the fish pieces on the steamer grill and start the cycle. Just flip it once for a nutritious lunch.

Tuesday: 6 petal diet, detailed menu

There is a vegetable recipe on the 6 Petals diet menu. The ingredients are chopped, mixed, served like a salad, only without oil and salt:

  • Today's theme is a traditional cucumber salad with tomatoes;
  • Peppers stuffed with cabbage. Vegetables stuffed with half-cooked boiled cabbage. Tomato sauce is added and the container is sent to the oven;
  • Boiled beets are rubbed or finely chopped + garlic for spiciness. Keep enjoying the natural taste of the product.
  • Soup with eggplant. Chop: blue greens, carrots, onions, tomatoes, which are sent to the pan in the same order. Cook for 7 minutes.
  • Cold soup. Toss large tomatoes, sweet peppers, shallots, spices to your liking, garlic in a blender bowl and beat. For a more runny consistency, you can add 1 more tomato. According to reviews, the "6 petals" diet with a varied menu is tasty and convenient.
  • Why not roast the pumpkin? Slices 1 cm wide are laid out on a baking sheet and put in the oven for an hour. The delightful sweet taste will meet all the expectations of a gourmet.

Medium Petal: Detailed Menu of 6 Petal Diet

The petal diet for weight loss keeps chickens. The peel is removed immediately, otherwise there is no question of healthy eating. Breasts can be boiled, twisted for steam cutlets, baked in foil, enhancing your favorite recipes and adapting them according to the requirements of a single diet.

A bird in its own juice. Ready-made pieces grated with herbs are laid out on a layer of onions on the duck. You can put chopped tomatoes on top, which will later give juice. Boil the chicken over low heat for about 2 hours.

Thursday: 6 petal diet menu

On the agenda is a recipe for a cereal dish. On Wednesday evening, you need to rinse the buckwheat, put it in a thermos and pour boiling water in a ratio of 1x2. In the morning, the most useful porridge in the world is ready. Alternatively, the ground beef in a saucepan is brought to a boil and the stove is immediately turned off. Towels were thrown from above. The grains will be out in a few hours.

Instead, you can cook buckwheat meatballs. Buckwheat is cooled and ground in a blender. It adds boiled onions and fresh herbs. It is recommended to beat again. It remains to give a homogeneous mass the shape of cutlets and bake. According to reviews, different cereals are used in the six-petal diet for 4 days. The choice depends on the personal preference of the cereal.

Friday: 6 petal diet recipe

In today's program - cottage cheese. Dairy products with a modest fat content are selected. Ideally, prepared at home with real milk. The remaining serum is a healthy drink for slimming women. Yogurt can also be included in the menu. A simple solution is to sprinkle cottage cheese with cinnamon and swallow with inspiration.

For a change, the recipe "Gadazelili" is offered. Pre-soaked suluguni (500 g) or Imereti cheese is cut into pieces and then sent to hot milk. When the mass begins to stretch - it's time to get it. Melted cheese is covered with mint and formed into a cake, which, in addition, is poured with yogurt.

Cottage cheese dumplings. Melt the cheese to a thick consistency. The plastic mass is rolled into a ball in which the cottage cheese is hidden. For stickiness, add egg white. Ready kolobok boiled in milk for a few minutes.

Saturday: Six-Petal Diet Menu

On the penultimate day, fruit is the priority. They are allowed to just gnaw or make smoothies. For cocktails in a blender bowl, you need to put apple + kiwi + banana. You can improvise on the berry theme endlessly. Each cocktail recipe is taken, and apple or other fruit juice is added to it.

To avoid monotony, it is better to change dishes. A delicious snack is a baked apple or quince. Fresh or thawed berries are a great alternative to fruit.

Sunday: review of the "six petals" diet, results

Today, the last petal was plucked from the impromptu calendar. There is a dash on the menu, because the digestive system has a day off. Therefore, it is worth aligning the body and spending the day in laziness, drinking water and lying on the sofa. At the end of the day, it's time to weigh yourself and evaluate the results. If the numbers don't suit you, the menu can be repeated. There are no medical contraindications. The weekly diet contains the necessary set of products that can provide the adequate amount of substances needed by the body.